Our Mission is to Secure Your Success!

At Angel Flight, our mission is to provide superior expertise to the Direct Marketing industry, to help our clients maximize
sales and profitability. We specialize in empowering diverse populations with targeted messaging that enhances and
enriches their lives.

Angel Flight Marketing Services has always provided the highest quality sales and marketing research and eye-catching
collateral to clients. Fondly called "Team AFMS" (Angel Flight Marketing Services), our top leadership has been guiding
successful campaigns for over twenty years.

Our main mantras is: "Do your best always!" President and CEO Gabriel Mitchell leads and guides “Team AFMS," and strongly
believes that hiring the best talent and creating a collaborative and diverse work environment produces exceptional results for
its clients.
Because our team members come from the neighborhoods they serve, we have special insight and sensitivity towards the needs
of those communities, and are committed to conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner.